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Abstract: Automatic travelling water sprinkler is powered by solar energy. The solar energy is absorbed by the solar panel and the energy is stored as electricity in the battery. This battery gives power to the DC motor. The DC motor is connected with the chain sprocket assembly. The chain and sprocket is connected with the rear shaft which helps the machine to propel forward. At the rear shaft another set of chain and sprocket is also there. The fourth sprocket of second chain is connected with the crank plate via shaft. The crank plate is connected to the piston rod of the cylinder, where the rotary motion of crank plate is converted to the reciprocatory motion in the pneumatic cylinder. The double acting cylinder is connected with the water tank by a non-return valve. The air goes to the water tank pushes water out of the tank. This pushed out water is sprayed through the sprinkler to the plants.

Keywords:  Water sprinkler, chain and sprocket, crank plate, water tank.

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