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Abstract: Mumbai local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai city . The city has Peak hours for travelling in train which has a lot of impact on the life of the travellers . The crowd of the city travelling in this trains depend fully on the trains and due to the population travelling everyday in train and the mismatching of the capacity of the trains to carry this travellers it has become a major issue for every citizen to travel through trains. From our project we are bringing the concept of increasing the number of trains , for this we took the Western Railway from ‘ Churchgate to Virar ’ under consideration as an example to implement the idea of raising platform by the use of hydraulic pistons and letting the crowd more space to get off the trains from both sides of the train doors. Further , we thought of the economy of this project and this project can be made economical by making use of hydraulic pistons to meet the needs of electricity of the platforms , and can also be used as pumps .From this project , we hope to build a better , efficient and economical alternative for our railways .

Keywords: Railway, track, piston, power.

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