National Conference on Advancements in Information Technology

19th & 20th May 2017

Organized by: 

Department of Information Science & Engineering, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bengaluru


Two Factor Data Security for Cloud Storage System

Naveen H N, Praveen M

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Learning Concepts of Artificial Intelligence – Applications in IT companies

D.V. Ashoka, Priyanka Garg

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Application of Biometrics and Fingerprint Analysis in Cryptography

Shobitha Kudva, Vidya Ratan, Dr. D.V. Ashoka

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Hadoop: A Frame Work for Big Data

Aditya Priyadarshi, Bharath V, Malini M Patil

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Biometric Encryption

Rashmi J. C, Shohreh Kia

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Cloud Integration of Applications and Services

Manoj N Bisarahalli, Shreyas M, Pradeep Nagendra Urala

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Connecting Social Media to E-commerce for Cold Start Product Recommendation using Microblogging Information

Rohan Pawar N, Mr. Mohan Kumar K N, Vidyasagar G N

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Cyber Crime, Security and Prevention

Prasanna Kumar N, Prem Vikas, Rekha P M

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Cyberbullying Detection Based on Semantic Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder

Sahana.B.R, Prof. Jagadisha. N

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Detecting Online Social Behaviour of Compromised Account

Ambikesh, Himansu Singh, Kiran B.V

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Digit Recognizer

Anushri Ravikumar, Ashitha Nayak, Mamatha

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A Distributed Computing Infrastructure Using Smart phone

Chethan K, Chiranthan H R, Keith D’Silva

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Effective Method for Leukocytes Classification and Segmentation in Blood Smear Images

Mahitha G, Nikshepa T, Spoorthy K P

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Secure and Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data

Sunil S.M, Vijeth K.S, Puneeth Kumar A

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Privacy-Preserving Access to Big Data in Cloud and Load balancing using ORAM Algorithm

Swathi B R

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Speech Recognition using Artificial Intelligence

Arjun Raja Y, Ashika N Bhandary, Anitha P

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Stream Clustering With Hierarchical Micro-Clusters and Seed Clusters on Density Extraction

Archana, T S Bhagavath Singh

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Text Mining the Contributors to the rail accidents

Abhidarshanam, Anzar Kali, Krishna Kishore

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