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 Effect of Gradation on the Interface Shear Parameters between Geo Grid and Sand

Abdul Latheef.K.V.M, Jayamohan. J., Beena. V. I

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Evaluation of Bridge Performance Using Non-Destructive Testing – A Review

Ayswarya K.S, Ann Maria Johnson, Chaithanya, Devika Prasad, Dhanya Krishnan R, Radhika Nair N J

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Effect of Underground Void on Footings Resting on Reinforced Foundation Bed

Jayamohan. J, Aarya Vimal, Rajeev. K.P

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The Effect of Underground Voids on Stability of Foundations: A Review

M. Ramachandran, J. Jayamohan, V.I. Beena

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Applications of Geosynthetics in Embankments- A Review

Ankita I K, Devika G, Lakshmi Priya K, Remya R, Jayamohan J

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Study of Strip Footings Resting on Granular Bed Overlying Weak Soil

J. Jayamohan, Anjali. A2, and Rajeev K.P

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Redesign of Saw Dust Briquetting Machine in Plywood Industry

Jithesh V

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Industrial Wastes in Concrete Mixtures- A Review

Shameela S F, Merin S Raju, Sreelekshmi B G, Aswathy V S, Radhika Nair N J

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Influence of Hydraulic Gradient on the Behaviour of Strip Footing Resting on Cohesive Soil

Athira .S, Renju D.R, Aiswarya Sreenivasan, Anjali U.J, Jayamohan J

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