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Since  2014


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LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod


Review on Friction Factor Correlations for Porous Media of Stirling Cryocooler

Arjun G, Kishor Kumar V V

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Studies on Stress Distribution at the Interface between foundation bed and underlying weak soil

Vaishnavi L K, Adithya Mohan, Dr. Jayamohan J, Sruthy G S

Abstract |PDF with Text

Interaction between Geosynthetics and Granular Soil in Reinforced Foundation Bed

Aswathy S Nair, Adithya Mohan, Dr. Jayamohan J, Sruthy G S

Abstract |PDF with Text

Investigation on Heat Transfer Properties of Nano-fluids Using Michelson Interferometry

Anooplal B, Binoy Baby

Abstract |PDF with Text

Utilisation of Exhaust Heat from Engine for Air Conditioning

Anand Sankar M, Abhijith DK, D Suresh, Muhammed Ijlal O

Abstract |PDF with Text

Impact of Underground Structures on Flow of Groundwater – A Review

Anjana CR, Arathi Ashok, Prabhitha PS, Mini M

Abstract |PDF with Text

Recent Advances in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: A Review

Tino Joe Tenson, Rajesh Baby

Abstract |PDF with Text

Some Case Studies on Product Life Cycle Management Applied In Engineering Industries

Vijaykumar H K, Dr. M.S. Uppin

Abstract |PDF with Text

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