Abstract: Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services of the internet. Cloud computing permits the usage of applications without installation. It also allows the access of personal files at any computer through the Internet. Multimedia data is a group of some of the following medium: content, audio, moving image, and film. With the development of Internet multimedia computing has emerged as a technology to generate, edit, process, and search media contents, such as images, video, audio, graphics, and so on.Multimedia cloud computing has the tremendous potential but faces many challenges. A major challenge is the security of the multimedia content in the cloud. In order to keep the user data confidential against untrusted servers, various methods have been proposed. This paper conducts a survey on multimedia storage security solutions in organizations with cloud computing. This purpose of the study is to offer state of the art information to new researchers in this field multimedia cloud security. This paper explores a method which is a combination of roll based access control with advanced encryption algorithm ,signature verification to enhance security when storing text, image ,audio ,video files onto cloud server and OTP verification while accessing data stored in the cloud.

Keywords: cloud security, multimedia, encryption

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