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Since  2014

Abstract:Image transmission is one of the important parts in our day to day life. Basically in the internet, images are transmitting for various applications, such as online personal photograph albums, confidential enterprise archives, document storage systems, medical imaging systems and military image databases etc. All these images contain some secrecy so to protect this secrecy we want to provide some techniques that makes the images secret. Mosaic image transmission is a new image transmission technique, which transforms a given large-volume secret image into a so-called secret-fragment-visible mosaic image of the same size. But there are issue related to clarity and time take for producing mosaic image is very large. Here talented techniques are designed to conduct the color transformation process so that the secret frame may be recovered nearly lossless.Here I propose a new technique for producing mosaic image and the experimental results shows good visual clarity and less time taken for producing result as compare to the conventional algorithms. Performance evaluation has been increased a in significant way.

Keywords: Terms—Color transformation, data hiding, image encryption, mosaic image, secure image transmission..

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