Abstract: The present study was conducted by analyzing the management and production performance of backyard poultry farming at Gollarakoppalu village, Hassan district, Karnataka during 2023. This comprehensive study includes primary data collection with respect to history, status, production, reasons of raising, breeds, breeding system, feeding, health, housing management and economics on backyard poultry breeds based on structured questionnaires. The results revealed that significant variations among backyard poultry varieties in the farms and their adaptability to disease tolerance as well as productivity. Also, high return on investment was the major reason for adapting improved poultry breed followed by low investment and high growth rate. Further, there has been a common practice to use indigenous breeds in backyard poultry, but these days improved chicken breeds are introduced in farming because of poor and slow production of eggs by native chickens. Hence, the factors that play crucial role in inhibiting and proliferation of backyard poultry husbandry may determine the success of backyard poultry in a particular region. Thus, it can be concluded that the present study suggests key points for improved backyard poultry production.

Keywords: Backyard poultry farming, Management Practices, Production and Economics, Hassan district.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10936

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