Abstract: Most cities in our country are facing severe water security risks, how to change urban water safety management idea, sponge city theory provides a new solution in this area. This paper introduces the geneses of the urban water security, sponge city related theory in urban design, and how to use the sponge the content of the urban design idea, etc. From the perspective of urban designers, System of urban drainage, rainwater drainage and sponge urban construction the top policy design, and provide some useful Suggestions for the construction of the city. Points out that only in the unity of the competent department of city construction, the urban design of various professional collaboration, division of labour cooperation, to the smooth implementation of the sponge construction of city. Today India the urban growth is unprecedented. However followed by more and more cities in India have to confront frequent floods and urban ecological environment has become increasingly worse. However, followed by a growing number of cities in India at all levels suffer recurrent flooding rain and urban ecological environment is deteriorating. Proportion of urban impervious surface area expanding rapidly. With the transportation needs of the development and expansion of the urban population People are getting more and more obsessed with the hardening of the cities. It is considered that the original bare surface in concrete closed once and for all solve the problem of traffic water, health, etc. However, in this way, we put the original land to breath freely on a closed mask. From now on the rainwater can smoothly seep into the ground water. Once the storm struck forms a massive storm runs while shorten the rat pack arrival time then will cause waterlogging

Keywords: Urban water security, sponge city, urban population, Waterlogging.


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8660

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