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Abstract: The developed Android application aims to disperse the knowledge among farmers about the symptoms of various diseases and insects based on images, which alleviates the identification as well as management of diseases in Pulse crops at primary stage for farmers. Image processing has done by using OpenCV in Android in order to identify the type of diseases based on symptoms affected on Pulse crops, which are be caused by different pathogens produced by leaves as well as roots. The image matching helps the farmers when they are being unable to make out the difference between their real infected crop and the images displayed in application that exhibits the same disease symptom. Then farmer can upload their own captured image and get the matching result based on image matching with various images stored in the database. The efforts have been made to reduce the production costs as the farmers adopting various disease control policies, which incur intensive use of pesticides. Besides, this would bring the booming state in mungbean farming in Punjab, which ahead leads to flourished economic revenues. Moreover, the farmers will get notifications regarding Pulse diseases management.

Keywords: Android, Image processing with OpenCV, Mungbean diseases, Punjabi language.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.61004

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