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Abstract: The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is first and prime human disaster across the globe, upsetting the lives of lots of people. It has greatly impacted the worldwide economy. This paper is projected to provide business Experts with a view on the developing situation and allegations on the consumer as well. Every sphere is affected and impacted by the pandemic. Before lockdown work from home twisted a positive shift in the trend of online shopping. But this could not exist in for a long time. Unforeseen lockdown of 21 days impacted globe online shopping and marketing drifts drastically. Initially, Coronavirus's stimulus on consumer purchasing behaviour, towards brands and online gears was largely unknown. This paper aims to reflect on different issues and viewpoints of online marketing due to COVID-19. There are still many more doubts to predict how the sale for the next few months will be affecting the worldwide community, both personally as well as professionally.

This study explores the impact of the rampant in many more daily rudiments. Although some of the companies succeeded to operate through social commerce that is marketing by using e-commerce and social media. societal networks are important for information sharing and for making product choices. But results are suggestive of the fact that online marketing and shopping will soon go back to normal but the victims and downshift fetched by this pandemic are not disregardable.

Keywords: Customer Behaviour, E-Customers, Buying Behaviour, Online-Shopping, widespread, Pandemic.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8968

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