Abstract: Cloud computing means an information technology arrangement where data and software are saved and treated in a reserved data center. In cloud computing, big amount of users 'data are allowed to de  collected on cloud server storage for next use, and any computations on stored data will be implemented in the cloud. To keep the stored data that is on the cloud we necessities have to use an encryption system that can do computations on the encrypted data called homomorphic encryption. In this paper, users' data is never kept in  the form of plaintext on public cloud and proposed a Secure Cloud Environment Based on Homomorphic Encryption (SCEHE) to develop the security of cloud computing and keeps the client’s data by utilizing partial homomorphic encryption ", Elliptic curve cryptography used to  generate algorithm's  private key then encrypt all user's data by using it, A new algorithm reduces the time  of processing, space of  storage and make available high security because of its key generated depends on ECC. The use of 64-bit provides enough security to be used in the system. 

Keywords: Secure Cloud Environment, Homomorphic Encryption, Elliptic curve Cryptography

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6524

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