Abstract: The vehicle is designed based on an International Trike competition called ASME HPVC. The vehicle was designed to excel in speed, handling, efficiency, practicality and safety as these aspects will be tested in the competition.  The team has also put in a lot of effort in the innovative side of the design as we strive to create a unique design that set us apart from other competitors. The design of the vehicle consists of background research, concept generation and analysis and testing to ensure the best possible design. To simplify the design process, the team was divided into five subsections with a single team member in charge of each section. These sections include frame, fairing, steering, braking and   drive train.   For each subsection, design concepts were generated and evaluated to   make   the   best   selection.   The   team   also consists   of   a   subsection   dedicated   only   for innovation which creates inventive technology to improve the design of our vehicle. The vehicle is a front faired tadpole trike with a lightweight aluminum frame   constructed   from 6061-T6 tubing having a total weight of 25 kg. The front faring     creates     the     perfect     aerodynamic structure.  Vehicle  is  designed  to  be  safe  and rider   is   protected   by   a   rollover   protection system  (RPS)  which  is  designed  to  meet  the ASME  HPVC  requirements  with  a  minimum safety factor of 1.9.

Keywords: Recumbent Trike, Ackermann Angle, Tadpole trike, Vehicle testing, Roll-over protecting system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6112

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