Abstract: Crisis Management is the choosing of an organized process, that is reasonably cost effective, in order to lessen certain threats facing the organization or company. It is a process coupled with the principle of sustainability. It is a measuring process, and one used to evaluate threats, and develop a strategy to manage it. These strategies include moving the threats elsewhere, avoiding them, and decreasing their negative impact, and accepting some or all of its effects. It indicates two options one which can occur. Undoubtedly the cases whereby there is only one chance are the cases where there are no threats. They are occurrences and events threaten the realization of goals, and could have a negative impact on the continuation of the work, thus making the crisis management a real art undertaken with competence, professionalism and experience. Threats are the chance that a company could face unexpected and unplanned losses, or could make the anticipated revenues fluctuate.

Keywords: Crisis, Crisis management, Strategy

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6314

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