Abstracts: In the state of Chhattisgarh, Ample opportunities are available for the production and development of coal-related infrastructure and industrial establishments which create a conducive environment for the economic development of the state and the society. Coal is used as an important mineral resource in all countries, being the most reliable and cheap resource of all the non-renewable energy sources found on Earth so far.The industrial expansion of coal mining to a mineral-rich but economically backward country like India has not only helped the country fight against poverty but has also been a major factor in change and development in society. But the rapid mining activities have reduced the usefulness and benefits of natural resources of Chhattisgarhi rural and tribal society dependent on natural resources. Studies in related literature and articles show that coal mining, whether through opencast or underground mines, has been associated with various socio-economic changes such as land displacement, changes in social structure and changes in cultural lifestyles. In addition to human health and environmental problems such as air, water and noise, and pollution, it is also responsible for other problems such as decline in agricultural productivity, deforestation, loss in biological diversity.
In most of the cases, it has been seen that in the areas where coal projects are proposed for mining of the coal, the coal mining projects have to face heavy opposition from the local community. It is not that governance and administration do not try to protect and deal with the adverse environmental problems arising due to coal mining in the affected areas as well as to minimize the adverse effects of socio-economic changes of the affected community, the State Government and the Central Government have framed policies and Acts from time to time. But it also makes necessary amendments in it. However, so far the result is not satisfactory at the ground level. Coal industries also try to work in these areas and promise and claim the interests of stakeholders in mining affected areas but they also lag behind in social evaluation. The lack of expertise and policies to properly address the problems arising out of mining is clearly visible. Coal mining activities have a very negative impact on local biological diversity, especially where forest land is acquired for mining. It is globally accepted that coal mining adversely affects the local and global environment.

Key word – Coal mining, Social Change, Village Economic, Livelihood, Agriculture, Environment, DMF, CSR

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.88107

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