The Companies Act, 1956 is replaced with The Companies Act, 2013 and 'corporate social responsibilities' (CSR) has been made mandatory for a particular class of companies. There has to be an all-inclusive growth of the society with the growth of the companies. In this article, we offer some initial examination on how Covid-19 pandemic can influence the developments of CSR and marketing. We argue that Covid-19 pandemic offers a great opportunity for businesses to shift towards more genuine and authentic CSR and contribute to address urgent global social and environmental challenges. We also discuss some potential directions of how consumer ethical decision making will be shifted to due to the pandemic. In our discussion of marketing, we outline how we believe marketing is being affected by this pandemic and how we think this will change, not only the context of marketing, but how organizations approach their strategic marketing efforts. We end the paper with a identifying a number of potentially fruitful research themes and directions.

Keywords: Covid-19, Corporate social responsibility, Marketing, Consumer ethical decision making, Marketing philosophy, Business ethics

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8854

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