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Abstract: Induction is a well-structured and systematic orientation program. An informal orientation is given in small organizations by the supervisors. Induction is the process of welcoming, introducing and socializing the new entrants to the existing group of people. It is also called orientation program. It is done to make the new employees feel welcome at the new work place and with his senior employees. Induction program is very important for inculcating team work, team spirit, honest involvement in work and hard work, positive and co-operative attitude towards the work. Working as a responsible worker sense of oneness togetherness all such feeling help the new employee to adjust himself with the job and new working environment and can later on enjoy the job satisfaction and builds high morale. The objective of the study is to Find out the impact of induction program on the new joiners, to find out perception of employee towards induction program, to find out the satisfactory level of induction program of new joiners, to analyze the effectiveness of the induction program towards employee retention, to find out the challenges faced by the employee during induction program.

Key Words: Induction, Training, Team work, Team Spirit, attrition, Career, Knowledge Management

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81152

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