Abstract:This paper deal with the design method of 2-DOF PID Controller. The PID controller is so popular and it has been using in the industrial sites, widely. However, when we change the switch from manual to automatic to control, the controller signal of setpoint value has discontinuities or has sharp changes in feedback loop due to the D-function in basic PID structure. To avoid these, they should introduce anti-wind, bumpless, and contioned transfer in PID controller. This paper introduces the design method of 2-DOF PID controller for avoiding those problems and suggestsimproving a lecture skill of the 2-DOF PID Control using Python. The Python is a good tool to teach and learn as teacher and students because it is free S/W and there is a good community. Finally, this paper provides on how we can teach and learn control engineering through implementation of 2-DOF PID Controller.

Keywords:Python, 2-DOF PID Control, PID Control,Bampless, Anti-Reset.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71002

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