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Abstract: In present day to day life increase in population due to ill-literates, old ideology results in increase of automobiles usage on pavements. This increase in automobile usage leads to traffic density on roads and causes to environmental effect (air, sound, noise pollution). This environmental effect increases the global warming. Due to global warming we are facing different problems such as temperature changes, climatic conditions etc. To reduce the environmental effect and control usage of conventional sources like coal, oil we are designing kinetic roads that harvest the kinetic energy by movement of vehicles is converts into electrical energy through speed breakers as power hump. Kinetic roads are a design used to generate electricity and overcome different drawbacks such as, increase in population leads to land occupation and reduces the agricultural land, as the automobiles usage is high on roads then the fuel consumption is high. Due to this fuel consumption the toxic released in to atmosphere are high which cause environmental effects. The fuel usage is done continuously the fuel get depleted because the fuel is a non-renewable source. While moving, vehicle possesses kinetic energy and that is being wasted. There is a possibility of lapping the wasted kinetic energy and generating power by making the speed breaker as power generating unit. The unit is capable of producing electricity using kinetic energy of vehicles passing over the speed breakers with the help of rack and pinion arrangement beneath it, the generated power is stored in a battery and transferred to inverter for use. The study of power generating is based on variation in speed & load of vehicle in different situations. Rack and pinion arrangement can be employed in speed breakers where traffic intensity is very high such as malls, multiplexes etc. The generation of power is based on traffic density. As the traffic density is very high the output power generate is high and the generated power is used mainly for street lights, on road battery charging units and many domestic applications like lighting, air conditioning etc.

Keywords: Population, automobiles, conventional, generation, rack and pinion etc

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7624

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