Abstract: Socio Economic Empowerment is thus the totality of capability like decision making, self-power, self-awareness and having access to resources to create one’s life personal as well as community with an ability to change the mindset of society. A self-initiated process is to be designed for conversion from powerless to powerful and overcoming stigma. Control over resources and intrinsic capabilities can enhance greater self-confidence to overcome the external and internal barriers. Gender empowerment at social and economic level is removal of social challenges and gender-based discrimination. The process of women empowerment can be conceptualized in form of various aspects like socio political participation, economic independence, ownership, community leadership and ability to protect themselves. Economic empowerment means a continuous process which leads an individual towards opportunities and availability of economic resources like employment, financial services, skill development to ensure excess and liberty of control over economic decision making. Country like India where people are still poor and undeveloped specially in the rural areas, only think of a livelihood for economic stability. Income generation activity’s purpose is to have forward and backward linkage with the broad objective of making individuals specially women with provision of training, a chance to become self-reliant. Social empowerment means a change in the power distribution and decision-making attitude with stable interpersonal relation and affirmative policies for social justice and equality so that an environment is created for development of women by realizing their potential.

Keywords: Social Advertisement, Socio-economic Empowerment, Spectators, Preference, Opinion.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8711

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