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Abstract: The well-being of human skin in opposition to ultraviolet radiation is extremely important problem and over current years researches have exposed an increasing curiosity in this field . The growing customer consciousness of the probability of the sun has partial textile industry. This research investigation, the treated and untreated specimen are distingush using FESEM and FT-IR. The value of the treatment is evaluate using the regular tests, such as the ultraviolet protection and UV visible spectrophotometer elements both before and after washing of the treated specimen was also examine. It is get that biopolymer ultraviolet finish able to accurately given to modal/cotton Knitted fabrics. Biopolymer finished specimen showed similar UPF value, providing excellent ultraviolet protection when compared to the untreated specimen. The ultraviolet tests specify a significant improvement in the UV absorbing action in the biopolymer treated fabrics.

Keywords: Modal/cotton fabric, ultraviolet protection, biopolymer, FT-IR,FESEM

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8920

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