Abstract: Various composite structures are building now a days but there are some studies on “Analysis of Diagrid Frame Structure”, & “Moment Frame Analysis” as obtained through the various literature. In the present study, three models of 234m height (different angle of bracing) based on diagrid structure with identical floor plan (53m X 53m), geometry and other properties except braces and columns at exoskeleton and inner area. The models are prepared by using different angle of bracing i.e. 400, 450 and 500. Architectural plan is prepared on AutoCAD-2012 and STAAD Pro v8i series VI is used to analyze the different models. The wind zone-IV and seismic zone-V are selected for the study. The different models of diagrid structure as per the variation of angle have been compared on storey Displacement v/s H/500 displacement and base shear.These properties are obtained for all the models and results compared to achieve the optimum bracing angle for diagrid structure. It is reveled from the results that model having lower angles are good against wind pressure, further model with higher angles is good against seismic forces because of the less base shear. It is also observed that close cluster of steel brace frame provide more rigidity and results in less displacements at storeys, but close cluster of steel frame cause more weight of steel. However, this study suggest that 45° brace angle provide excellent results in displacement and base shear. It is revealed that 45° angle formed geometry close to equilateral triangle formation for distributing loads more evenly when subjected to lateral loading.

Keywords: Angle, Base shear, Diagrid, Displacement, Geometry

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81149

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