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Abstract: India is an agrarian country. About 70% of Indians are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. India is one of the world's largest producers of rice, accounting for 20% of all world rice production. Rice is usually grown by planting rice paddy in the fields manually with hands. With this method of planting rice paddy, labor cost increases and it is a very time consuming process. These problems can be solved with the help of proposed new design rice planting machine. This proposed machine reduces labor cost and time to plant rice paddy. This machine has a simple mechanism and it is eco-friendly. This machine requires only a single person for its operation and working. This machine can bring revolution in rice production in our scenario. So, the main aim of this proposed work to design and develop a rice planting machine which will help the farmers to make the whole rice planting process mechanical resulting in reduction of labor, cost and time to a large extend.

 Keyword: Agriculture Efficient Machine, Rice Planting Machine, Green Revolution, Paddy mechanization

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7118

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