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Abstract: In last decade, cloud computing has introduced noticeable changes in our personal and business lives, by offers pool of different types of re- sources can be accessing on demand. But, this technology has not reached the full deployment due to security and privacy concerns. Most of these issues derived from implementing MapReduce framework. Because processing data in MapReduce requires long running, which gives the malicious workers the enough time to discover the security vulnerabilities in it. The malicious workers can misbehave in a collusive way or in a non-collusive way. The misbehave attack can alter the program executing by gives an incorrect result computation. At more specific, they affect service integrity assurance in MapReduce. This paper surveys different improvement frameworks that addressed service integrity assurance based on MapReduce. It addressed the main techniques behind each framework with its characteristics. We find that new frameworks need some enhancements to ensure the service integrity in MapReduce.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Integrity, Privacy, Business

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/ IARJSET.2019.61206

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