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Abstract: Wearable personalized health monitoring systems can offer an effective solution for human health care system. And it keeps patients engaged and performs many functions. It monitors a patient's physiological signals continuously and transmits it with minimum power. It also helps in improving the chances of saving human life. In wearable personalized health monitoring systems, the signals are continuously monitored. For this operation, power is consumed heavily. It needs charging for a certain time, (i.e.) every 2-3 hours for continuous monitoring. During the charging of the equipment, if the patient suffers any difficulties, this wearable personalized health monitoring system become helpless at that time. In already existing system the power is consumed heavily because they transmit the bit for every second from the physiological signals. So, a power efficient health monitoring system using “WIFI CONTROLLER ESP8266 MOD” has been proposed to give timely needed information about the patient’s health with low power consumption.

Keywords: Personalized health monitoring, Biomedical sensors, Physiological signals, Heart rate, SpO2, BPM, Abnormality, Alert message system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7523

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