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Abstract: Renewable energy resources can be used as the power supply source in a number of applications. Unmanned aerial vehicle which can be used in a number of applications like military, surveying, rescue and disaster management can be equipped with hybrid energy systems like fuel cell and PV system which can provide sufficient supply for long distance flight plans. The proposed paper focuses on the implementation of a hybrid system with a regeneration technique implemented in the motor connected at the output of the power supply. The power supply can be taped from the PV cell during the flight during the day time. A fuel cell connected can be connected to drive the motor during the time when there is less sunlight. The regenerative technique implemented takes the mechanical output of the motor in the form of kinetic energy and convert it into the electrical energy. Regenerative braking can be implemented in the flight during the time the load requirements are less and the motor can be used for regenerative purposes. Thus increasing the efficiency and overall performance of the vehicle.

Keywords: UAV, Hybrid System, PV Panel, Fuel Cell, Regenerative Braking

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6306

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