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Abstract: VANET is the field of communication that has been used for ITS. In this vehicles have been used for auto driven system. VANET communication is based on various routing protocols that have been used for end to end communication. On the basis of these routing protocols path for data transmission has been established. Data in VANET must be transmitted in particular interval of time so that better performance can be achieved through VANET. In this paper a novel approach has been developed that is cooperative with multipath routing protocol so that better establishment can be done. In this process spectrum sensing has been used for sensing of idle channels from radio band. In this process of multipath routing packet loss has been measured and that is compared with threshold value. On the basis of threshold value a decision has been developed to utilize spectrum sensing. Proposed approaches provide better results as compare to existing approaches.

Keywords: VANET, ITS, AOMDV, Spectrum Sensing and CSMA.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.565