Abstract: The use of floating concrete in construction works has been growing rapidly in recent years due to its advantages over ordinary concrete. In this study, pumice powder is recommended as the best aggregate instead of ordinary concrete. The main purpose of structural grade floating concrete is to reduce weight and erect large precast units. It is possible to make floating concrete using pumice with a dry density of 1200 kg/m3 up to 1450 kg/m3. Slump and compression factor test showed that addition of teak sawdust reduced the workability compared to conventional concrete. Fine aggregate dust instead of sawdust gives the properties and advantages of actual production of concrete. The experimental work was conducted in two phases; In the first step, the appropriate input ratio for the binary aggregates was determined through a trial mix and test procedures.

Keywords: Cement, Robotics, Design and production

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10514

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