Abstract: The IOT network is the decentralized type of network which can sense the information and pass it to base station. Due to small size of the sensor nodes, the energy consumption is the major issue of the network. The LEACH is the energy efficient protocol which can divide whole network into fixed size clusters.  In the proposed work, in each cluster, cluster heads are selected which can transmit data to base station. The LEACH protocol is the dynamic clustering protocol in which cluster heads changes after each round in the network. The cluster heads are selected in network based on the energy of each node and distance from sensor node to base station. The energy of the sensor node is dissipated when each node receive or transmit data to base station. The energy is also consumed when the sensor nodes aggregate data to cluster head. In this work, the LEACH protocol is improved to reduce energy consumption of the wireless sensor networks. In the proposed work, the cache nodes are deployed which can aggregate data from the cluster heads and then pass data to base station. The simulation of the proposed technique is done in MATLAB and results are compared with the existing approach in terms of certain parameters; number of dead nodes, number of live nodes and remaining energy. It is analyzed that proposed technique performs well as compared to existing technique.

Keywords: LEACH, IOT, Gateway.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.585

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