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Abstract:“NBA” stands for the National Board of Accreditation which is an accreditation agency representing India in the Washington Accord (WA). The Washington Accord is an agreement between bodies that accredit or recognize higher-level engineering qualifications.NBA is one such autonomous accrediting body in India, which deals with the accreditation of engineering and various technical institutions based on the quality of education being offered. The guidelines outlined by the NBA act as parameters to certify institutions. Any higher education institution (HEI) willing to apply and successfully get accredited from the NBA needs to ensure that all guidelines are followed strictly and every document or information that needs to be submitted is free from any errors and is 100% authentic. The accreditation of NBA helps higher educational institute to know its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. NBA accreditation helps institutes to get financial assistance from various agencies. The accreditation gives higher learning institutes a new sense of direction and identity. The NBA process enables the institutions to identify and overcome the teaching-learning gaps and develop strategies that maximize the student learning outcomes. It urges the institutions to initiate quality improvement programs, activities, etc. by motivating the faculty to participate actively in academic activities.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8916

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