Abstract: The traditional way for construction of building is that the cross section for all the columns from basement up to top floor of a building is same but in general the load bear by the ground floor is much higher than the top floor as we go upwards. So we use the help of design software to see stresses, shear force and total displacement when the amount of material required for construction is varied. In this Study we will consider two cases. First case is Case A and second case is Case B. For the Case A cross section of all the columns from bottom to top will be same while for the second case B cross section of the columns will decrease as we go up and then we will analyze the building. The software used for analysis in this study is STAAD.Pro.

After analysis of the building both the results obtained were compared with each other it was seen that stresses generated in the first case was high and the requirement for concrete and steel was also high while in the second case stresses generated was less as compared to the first case and the requirement of concrete and steel is also less as compared to the first one hence, Design software is very helpful to find out optimized size and dimensions of the building structure's component such as column and beam's cross sections, slab thickness etc.

Keywords: AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro, Stress, Steel Take Off, Bending Moment.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7426

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