Abstract: In this research, a site is chosen for construction of dam, and its geotechnical data has been collected through online state government websites. It included topographical feature of the site, type of rock, soil, annual flow of river, annual rainfall. A narrow valley between the border of states Bihar and Jharkhand have been found through Google Map application software and we found the river Mohana flows throughout this valley. The abutment which is best suited for holding arms of the arch dam has been found here. Then Canon dimensions are known from google earth software. After it elementary dimension of the proposing arch dam is calculated using some empirical formulas [5].  These dimensions are plotted in AutoCAD worksheet and by joining these points we got the design. Most of the layout plans are taken from google earth software which may vary to the actual context of the realm. Each and every geo-co-ordinate with precision is noted down. Finally, a finite element analysis software which is ANSYS, is used for the checking the stability of structure. It included calculation of equivalent stress and total displacement. This computational analysis software shows the simulation of stress generated under different loading condition. We have done this case study as there is not a single IS (Indian Standard) code for “Arch Dam Design” and we haven’t proper methodology for this type of construction. We found that by using three different kind of advanced software (AutoCAD, ANSYS & Google Earth) we could propose or plan for construction of this hydraulic structure. After verification of the results obtained in the pre-investigation we could go further by doing actual survey, geotechnical testing, making lab reports etc. It would be time and money saving opportunity for an engineer to do all the basic calculation sitting in front of screen which would minimise the risk of a wrong decision.

Keywords: Storage reservoir, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Double Curvature Arch Dam, Google Earth, IS (Indian Standard)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.5717

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