Abstract: Corex process is one of the modern technologies used for iron making. This process utilizes the hot gases from the melter gasifier. There are huge ducts included into the process. One of their ducts viz. the Reduction gas duct has a slant duct below the reduction shaft which has been displaced from its original position over the years by 57 mm. In this project, the causes of such movement in the duct are to be investigated. There are number of expansion joints used along duct carrying the hot gases which accommodate thermal expansion of the ducts due to temperature changes. The movement of reduction gas duct could be related to the structural vibrations due to the gas flow in the process. Pressure of gas in the process is about 0.3 MPa and temperature is about 8500C. So, as combined effect of pressure and temperature, the duct movement may take place. Hence the problem was taken up for analysis.

Keywords: Gimbal, Expansion Joints, Corex Process, Bellows

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6411

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