Abstract: The implementation of bureaucratic reform is a must, given the current administration of the government is faced with the high demands of the community for improving government performance. Civil servants (PNS) in Indonesia consisting of 4.7 million are the driving force of the government bureaucracy must participate in fundamental changes towards good and clean governance. In relation to performance appraisal, in clause 75 of the ASN Law it is stated that the performance appraisal of civil servants aims to guarantee the objectivity of fostering civil servants based on performance planning at the individual level and level of units or organizational units by paying attention to targets, targets, results and benefits achieved, and the behavior of civil servants themselves is objective, measurable, accountable, participatory, and transparent. Based on Clause 4 PP No. 46 of 2011, the assessment of work performance of civil servants is divided into two elements, the first is the performance target of employees who make measurements in terms of quantity, quality, time and cost. Second, work habits dikut of service orientation. Organizational culture and motivation have an effect on employee engagement which will have an effect on employee performance. These three variables can affect the performance of employees, because if all three increase, it will have a good impact on employee performance. Employee performance is an important thing that needs to be considered in an organization / company. this research will be conducted on Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Alor. In Alor government Dinas Pariwisata is very important for the advancement of tourism and the creative economy in the city of Alor, so that it must have a good and effective employee performance so that Dinas Pariwisata Alot can create a destination tourism that is good and can be a tourist destination for tourists is at the same time able to create a creative economy in the form of selling souvenirs which are typical of Alor which later can be useful for the surrounding community in obtaining income. With the presence of Dinas Pariwisata Alor it is expected that later it can increase economic growth in Alor and be able to introduce the culture and beauty of Alor in areas outside Alor. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of organizational culture and motivation on employee performance with employee engagement as an intervening variable. This research is quantitative research. The analytical method used in this study is Structural Equation Model (SEM). This study shows that good and high organizational culture can improve employee performance. High motivation in company/organization can improve employee performance. High employee engagement can improve employee performance. In this study employee engagement can mediate organizational culture and motivation because this study shows employee engagement affects employee performance.

Key words: Indonesia, Organization Culture, Motivation, Employee Engagement, Employee Performance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6303

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