Abstract: This white paper presents the development of a real-time energy monitoring system installed at Level 17, Tower 2, Engineering Complex, University Tektology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. The device and programming uses an Arduino microcontroller board, an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, sensors, and the Emoncms.org web server to record and display real-time energy and power consumption, as well as energy costs. The device enables a three-phase measurement of energy consumption at the building level, where the main power source has been divided into several receivers, such as: B. lighting, socket. The device is able to download data at set intervals via Wi-Fi communication and connect directly to the local SD card for further analysis. The device was calibrated at the same time with a FLUKE 485 power meter to get a good, reliable result with less tolerance. The unit was installed and tested during a weekday and weekend test period to determine hourly energy efficiency by building level. The device was found to provide a reading with an average error of 2.04% compared to a commercial meter during the week-long test period.

Keywords: App Development, Energy Monitoring, Real-time, Power and Energy, Consumption, Energy Cost,Microcontroller,Arduino,ESP8266 Wi-Fi module,Sensors,Emoncms.org web server,3 Phase Measurement, Lighting, Power Plug, Wi-Fi Communication, SD Card, Calibration, Testing, Energy Performance, Error Tolerance, Energy Sources, Steam Engine, Electricity, Energy Conservation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.105118

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