Abstract: For the purpose of manufacturing cooling devices for electronic applications, the best design is to be considered. For that purpose a trial and error method is not suitable as it traditionally led to lot of time waste and also a waste of resources, energy and manpower. Now we use CAD/CAM tools for the design process. One of the CAD tools is a computer aided design tool with application in electronic cooling circuits. There are few software that can do FEA and even less that can do CFD/Heat transfer simulations. So we want to integrate/combine this CFD/Heat transfer analysis capability in the present software’s are commercial, so we want to develop open source integrated CAD/CAM software with CFD/FEA and Heat transfer analysis. In our work we have used computer program developed in MATLAB to simulate the effectiveness of a electronic cooling device like heat exchanger. This can be used to develop an integrated CAD system or software where simulations are embedded in the CAD/CAM software to aid/augmented the design process.

Keywords: Rapid Development, Electronics Components, Typical Cooling Methods, Heat Transfer Process, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Designed Temperature Specifications

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.5713

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