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Abstract: The traditional public distribution system, intended to provide subsidized ration items to poor households, is the largest welfare programme in India. The ration distribution system is automated by using RFID and Fingerprint. This automated ration system replaces the conventional ration card system by RFID Tags. In addition to, these tags followed by fingerprint detector is placed in the machine in order to check the correct user access. If the user is a correct user, the next process takes place and the input can be given in the keypad. By giving the input the required products are received from the ration shop. In order to perform the similar operation, the embedded controller is pre-programmed. In order to involve government in the process, the proposed ration shop system is connected to the government database via GSM module, which further sends the up-to-date information to the government and the consumer.

Keywords:  Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM), Personal Digital Assistants (PDA ),Global Positioning System(GPS),Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7504

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