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Abstract: This project presents Smart Dustbin-Separation of dry, wet and metal by using IOT and ROBOTICS. Now a day, due to the busy work schedule people are not able Separate dry, wet and metal waste. As we know, metals get corroded due to moisture, these moisture’s are naturally obtained by decaying process of fruits and vegetables. This leads to diseases. Finally, we are step forward to keep the environment hygienic and clean. In this project, we are using conveyor belt along with the robotic arm assembly for separating the metals and non -metal wastes. The robot arm consists of capacitive proximity sensor, which can detect the presence of Plastics, wood…etc. On the other side a magnet is placed so that the metals can be attracted. These wastes are stored in different bins. When the dustbin is about to reach the full capacity this frame work sends a message with location to the operator. This process is done by using IOT and ROBOTICS.

Keywords: Robotics, IoT, Robotics,Dry, Wet and Metal.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.91215

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