Nail is the most exciting part of the hand and fingers are another implicit standard for appraisers. In fact, the maintenance and decoration of nails and hands has been a symbol of social status since ancient times. No matter the age, people who have slender, gorgeous nail are rich and expensive, and most of them belong to the upper class, and do not have to engage in manual labor. Now, the slim fingertips will also join this colorful fashion trend, the nail art is constantly updated, the manicurists are no longer in love with the kind of dull, dull old manicure, they strive to bring their skills and creativity to the fullest. Therefore, a variety of manicures have emerged as the times require, and they are fashionable, simple, and personalized to the world with their beating, which is in line with the aesthetic appeal of modern people...

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PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10637

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