Abstract: “This paper presents Smart Movable Road Divider for controlling the traffic congestion in metropolitan cities and to provide a free path for the ambulance. The work presented in this paper focuses on reducing the latency in traffic and free path for ambulance. The existing Road Dividers consists of equal number of lanes. Usually, in morning and evening peak hours the opposite side of the Road Divider is generally underutilized. To overcome this, Smart Movable Road Divider is implemented where the divider is moved based onthe density of the traffic using IR Sensors. If the density of the traffic is high on one side, the divider is moved to the other side. Then the density of traffic is stored in cloud which is possible through IoT. A free path for Ambulance is provided using RF Module by controlling the traffic signal. A Prototype is developed and tested for the Congestion control which also works on safety measures by intimating the drivers about the movement of the Divider.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8764

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