Abstract: - Working of a windshield wiper is a manual procedure which requires to be switched on to remove rainfall and debris from the screen. This does not only require driver’s attention, but also, causes a certain level of discomfort to the driver and serves as a source of distraction which increases the risk of accidents. To offer comfort to the driver and essentially reduce the risk of accidents, an automatic rain sensing device has become a necessity. While such a device is available in the market, its high cost and other such limitations have made it less popular in the automobile industry. Aim of this work was to propose another such model in market that limits the cost while maintaining the efficacy. A rain sensor, a microcontroller and a driver integrated circuit (IC) are the major components used in the construction and seamless working of the proposed device. Falling water is quickly and precisely detected by the rain sensor which then transmits the signal to the second component i.e. microcontroller which in turn energizes the driver IC to switch the required motion of the wipers on. This device converts a cumbersome manual operation to a smooth automatic one.

Keywords: Rain-Sensing Wiper System, Multivibrator, Microcontroller, LED’s

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8719

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