Abstract: Safety is a necessary part of man’s life. Due to the accident cases reported daily on the major roads in all parts of the developed and developing countries, more attention is needed for research in the designing an efficient car driving aiding system. It is expected that if such a device is designed and incorporated into our cars as a road safety device, it will reduce the incidence of accidents on our roads and various premises, with subsection in loss of life and property. When itequentredu comes to the use of a motor vehicle, accidents that have occurred over the years tell us that something needs to be done about them from an engineering point of view. Now it is suffice to say that the implementation of certain highway safety means such as speed restrictions, among others, alone has done a lot in reducing the rates of these accidents. Many motorists have had to travel through areas with little light under much fatigue, yet compelled to undertake the journey out of necessity. It is therefore imperative to consider the advantages of an early warning system where the driver is alerted of a possible collision with some considerable amount of time before it occurs.

Keywords: Automatic Speed Breakers.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10557

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