Abstract: Water is one of the important natural resources. About 71% of the earth is covered with water, yet 2.3% of it is drinking water. With the rise in population, contaminants, and changes in the environment, it is normal that in the coming years, we will be facing a water deficit. Water dispensers are electronic appliances that are commonly used in offices, schools, colleges, and households. These days we want every machine of ours to be automatic. There is an upswing in the search for people to get their devices automatically. On the off chance that we supplant all manual taps with a brilliant one that opens and closes without anyone’s help, we can save water. In this paper, a non-contact, convenient, and low-price automatic water dispenser system is presented using IR sensor, transistor, and water pump that will give water whenever a glass is placed before IR sensor.

Keywords: IR sensor, water pump, automatic, water dispenser, low-price

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10679

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