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Abstract: TiO2:Sm3+ (1-9 mol %) nano particles (NPs) were prepared by self-propagating solution combustion method (SC) using Neem leaf extract. PXRD study contributes the particle size, crystallanity etc., with phase transformation from rutile to anatase with the addition of dopant when calcinated for 2H. The energy band gap (Eg) of pure and doped samples was found to be in the range 3.10 - 3.23 eV. The Photo-luminescence points CIE and CCT results with chromaticity colour CIE-coordinates x = 0.5310, y = 0.4601 and average CCT as 2426K, suggests sample suitable for hot wLEDs which can be used for household applications.

Key words: CIE, CCT, Band Gap Energy

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81106

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