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Abstract: Agriculture rely on various aspects most important is climate, if climate is potential growth for farmer, he does not get that much gain .When weather a base and rain come less farming abate directly .When farmer enhance more crops then brought to  market and storage is not provided to keep his product for longer period so  that this farmer force to sell his production in minimum price and face loss in farming product. In this paper we are conveying about the trouble in distribution network and storage of food product, and precession farming decision making. That gives real time analyzer report about climate, soil, and on-going market and storage strength and demand of market. We used big data analysis with Hadoop framework that is most commonly used for big data analysis it is quite accurate also speed in performance. And for reporting and judgment making we used PENTAHO BI that access us to produce interactive report and apex customize dashboard that help UI to easily understand and make resolution.

Keywords: Data Source, Data Analysis with Hadoop Framework, PENTAHO BI (Pentaho Business Intelligence)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6907

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