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Abstract: There is a rapid boost in the use of 3D-printer (Three Dimensional printer) in various fields like model designing, rapid manufacturing, building parts of different equipment, etc. Similarly, in the field of medical science, we are using it in anatomical models, making the biological model, etc. But in recent years we've been listening more about the 3D-Bioprinter. It is like a 3D-printer technique that is used to make tissue, organs, skin, etc. by using the cells, growth hormones, biomaterials, etc. in a suitable environmental condition to fabricate it as natural tissue characteristics. The whole process is divided into three steps. First is designing the structure of the tissue layer by layer. Second is the bioprinting of the designed layer. The third is the crosslinking of a different layer of the printed layer. In the 3D-Bioprinter we are going to use the Bio-ink which will be made of tissue's unit cells, water gel, water, hormones, etc. It has a huge scope in medical treatment as well as in the research field. But this technology is not fully functional because of some major problem faced by scientists is a mimicry of tissue and organs with natural. So that we are going to see the uses of Bioprinter, its scope in medical treatment, medical drugs pharmacy and what is the major problem faced by scientists in making this technology fully functional. We also see what are the field in which we need research work.

Keywords: 3-D Bioprinter; working; scope; challenges; uses

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6805