Abstract: Modernization of transportation has forever been an issue focused on the development of the fundamental infrastructure of a nation. Since the transportation represent one of the most effective modes of transport offered to the people, it would not be possible to merely keep increasing the fares to satisfy costs incurred due to maintenance and therefore the expansion activities. The transportation ought to consider upgrading itself to modern technologies for higher potency and price reduction. One such upgradation is that the role of knowledge technology and e-ticketing that is achieved with the assistance of face recognition technology. This technology has been extensively employed as a biometric method. The thought has evolved from a scientific study of the mechanization of transportation and therefore the loopholes within the everyday system. A straightforward theoretical model is projected that once enforced might lead to a better management of the tedious ticketing mechanism.

Keywords: Face recognition, Ticket Verification, k-Nearest Neighbors, OpenCV, Haar Cascade Classifier, CNN

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.105113

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