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Abstract: Banana Bunchy Top Disease is one of the most severe disease in banana. It is caused by Banana Bunchy Top Virus. The disease is highly prevalent in Africa and Asia. The virus is transmitted by some kind of sources. One of the main source of transmission is through banana aphid - the Pentalonia nigronervosa. The vector is globally distributed and transmits the virus. The virus also spreads through contaminated planting material, and it is also found that all banana cultivars were vulnerable due to a lack of known resistance sources. The symptoms of bunchy top of banana are unique and easily recognised from those produced by other banana viruses. Plants that have been infected have a 'bunchy top' look and rosette appearance. Plants that have been affected do not recover or revive. The virus has a multi-component genome made up of at least six circular DNA segments, single stranded DNA (ssDNA) components ranging in length from 1000 to 1100 nucleotides. Because the 3D structure of the proteins linked with BBTV has yet to be established by experimental approaches, we projected the protein structure using comparative modelling. The research focusses on comparative modelling and simulation of replication initiation protein in Banana Bunchy Top Virus.

Keywords : BBTD, BBTV, Pentalonia nigronervosa, Bunchy top, Rosette appearance and Comparative modelling.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81023

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