Abstract: One of the causes of a structure's reduced capacity is a column that is discontinuous and is known as a floating or hanging column. It is frequently added to buildings either as result of customer requests or poor planning, making them more vulnerable during earthquakes. To increase the capacity or strength of such type of structures, lateral load resisting systems such as concrete bracing, shear wall, moment frames, dampers, etc are introduced in structures. The main purpose of the current study is to check which structure is more stable in seismic zone IV by comparing the results obtained by response spectrum analysis of three considered structures using ETABS software. By comparing all the result parameters such as displacement, storey drift, base shear, time period and storey stiffness, it can be concluded that the floating column structure with shear wall is more resistant to seismic activities.

Keywords: Floating column, bracing, shear wall, response spectrum method, displacement, storey drift, base shear, time period, storey stiffness.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10912

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