Abstract: In India Reinforced Cement Concrete is commonly used construction material particularly in case of average and low-rise buildings. For high-rise structures steel is preferred. The material used in construction should be cheap, safe and easy handling.  Every material used for construction has its own pros and cons. RCC and steel are the materials that are mostly used in framing system for most of the building. Steel members have the advantages of high tensile strength and ductility while concrete members have the advantages of high compressive strength and stiffness. Our main endeavour is to deal with the comparative study of structural analysis between Steel framed and Reinforced concrete structures. Three-dimensional model of RCC and steel structure are analysed with the help of software ETABS and Staad Pro. This study shows comparison of various aspects of building construction for steel and RCC buildings considering various researches involve in this topic.

Keywords: Comparative study, RCC, steel structure, STADD Pro, ETABS

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10564

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